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OWL Rafting Client Testimonials

Mikayla is the life behind our social media ads, posts, responses and stories. And has been our voice going on three years now. We plan together, but its Mimi’s (her nickname) wisdom we listen to. She is in touch with this ever-changing world, that is so important to be on top of, and appropriate.

Showing empathy, and inspiration at the same time MIMI Marketing is a pillar of our business. Mimi has a knack for matching and bringing out the little things that matter. She brings out your inner smile. Mimi, has a natural ability with words, and is able to connect stories that resonate with our guests, and are relevant to the moment and times we live in.

- Claudia Van Wijk, owner of OWL Rafting on the Ottawa River – a Canadian Signature Experience

Reliable & Trustworthy Staff

Incredible results and dedicated staff! MIMI Marketing Co. takes the time and effort to truly tailor their digital marketing approaches to each client’s portfolio. Reliable and trustworthy staff who will pour their heart and soul into creating an online presence tailored to your business. The long term boost in demand was tangible and impressive. Recommend to all businesses looking to improve their online activity!

- Kaitlyn P., Operations Manager at OWL Rafting

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