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How do you accommodate last-minute posts?

MIMI Marketing recognizes the fast-paced nature of marketing and the need for last minute changes. Our streamlined approach ensures we can readily accommodate last-minute posts within reason. With an agile workflow and a dedicated team segment poised to handle urgent requests, we promptly adapt to new opportunities. While strategic planning remains a priority, we allocate resources for spontaneous posts, maintaining a balanced approach to your marketing efforts. Our open communication channels and content calendar reviews further enhance our ability to respond effectively, ensuring your brand remains agile and adaptable in the digital landscape.

What payment options are available?

We accept major credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and offer an online payment portal for seamless digital transactions. Detailed invoices are provided for transparency, outlining services and costs. We're also open to discussing custom payment plans that align with your budget for specific projects. Our finance team is readily available to guide you through the payment process and address any queries.

Contract policy: how long are you committed & what's the grace period for ending?

Contract durations vary based on project specifics, offering options from short-term campaigns to long-term partnerships. Our contract includes a reasonable grace period for termination, facilitating a smooth transition for both parties. We encourage open dialogue if you're considering contract termination, aiming to address concerns and explore solutions before final decisions are made. For projects with defined scopes, contracts conclude upon successful deliverable completion, while ongoing service terminations are outlined in contract terms. Our priority is a partnership that aligns with your evolving needs while ensuring satisfaction.

What Do You Specialize In?


Sometimes half the battle in marketing your business is figuring out what all these terms REALLY mean.

Let us simplify the marketing jargon.
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